Going Round in Circles

One of my personal goals is to go round in circles, time after time again, in exactly the same way. Let me explain. -o-O-o- “Another twenty-metre circle at E. Keep those heels down, keep those hands still…nice, steady trot, keeping that tension on the inner rein. Keep looking in the direction where you want toContinue reading “Going Round in Circles”

Naughtiness – Good for the Soul?

As Claire sat listening to her friends’ patter, troubling thoughts crossed her mind. The accounts of their turbulent love lives sounded rich and juicy. Yes, some of her friends had cried on Claire’s shoulder when their marriages had fallen apart. But it seemed as if they’d become stronger, wiser people through having to rebuild theirContinue reading “Naughtiness – Good for the Soul?”

John’s Favourite Rambles around Brighouse – Walks 6-10, to the North

6.  Shibden Park and Beacon Hill (3 miles) A pleasant park and a panoramic view of Halifax. The walk starts at the car park above Shibden Hall, on Shibden Hall Road (no less!). Immediately across the road, go through a stile. Take a broad path heading uphill. At a fork in the path, go straightContinue reading “John’s Favourite Rambles around Brighouse – Walks 6-10, to the North”