Polly’s New Home Part 1

A sequel to ‘The Search for Polly’. CHAPTER 1 – ON PLUTO James stared at the strange sight that met his eyes. A round white ball with a mouth and a single eye; a larger ball underneath with tiny stumps that looked like flippers; and a large finger that pointed straight at him… As theContinue reading “Polly’s New Home Part 1”

The Search for Polly

CHAPTER 1 – ON EARTH “Mummy,” said James, “I wish I could have an adventure.” Outside, the raindrops were falling on the path, splish-splash-splosh. Was this another day to sit inside playing with his lego and train set? But what was this? Suddenly he noticed a white umbrella with speckles float down from above andContinue reading “The Search for Polly”