The Search for Polly

CHAPTER 1 – ON EARTH “Mummy,” said James, “I wish I could have an adventure.” Outside, the raindrops were falling on the path, splish-splash-splosh. Was this another day to sit inside playing with his lego and train set? But what was this? Suddenly he noticed a white umbrella with speckles float down from above andContinue reading “The Search for Polly”

Naughtiness – Good for the Soul?

As Claire sat listening to her friends’ patter, troubling thoughts crossed her mind. The accounts of their turbulent love lives sounded rich and juicy. Yes, some of her friends had cried on Claire’s shoulder when their marriages had fallen apart. But it seemed as if they’d become stronger, wiser people through having to rebuild theirContinue reading “Naughtiness – Good for the Soul?”

A Tanker Driver’s Nightmare

“It’s no good – we’ll have to call the police. No-one’ll wait for us,” exclaimed the tanker driver. “How’s that going to look for you?” I asked. “Will that mean trouble?” His face fell, as he nodded. He was an experienced petrol tanker driver but this had never happened to him before. -o-O-o- It allContinue reading “A Tanker Driver’s Nightmare”

A Tale of Two Disasters

Whether or not you are critical of our government’s handling of the pandemic, you would have to agree that for Britain, Covid-19 has spelt disaster. Whilst I’m proud of our world-leading contribution to the vaccine and treatment programmes, our death toll is a staggering 63,000 and counting… The Bible story of Joseph in Egypt tellsContinue reading “A Tale of Two Disasters”

Seventy Times Seven

Most people are familiar with the film, ‘The Bridge over the River Kwai’. This tells us about the building of the infamous railway bridge going from Thailand towards Burma during the last three and a half years of World War II. The Japanese conscripted many thousands of allied POW’s and local Thai people whom theyContinue reading “Seventy Times Seven”