A Nurse’s Journey – Good Friday 2021 was written in June 2020, telling the story of an ICU nurse and her encounter with a Covid patient, Randall. To be honest it’s my favourite work on this entire blog site.

The Bitter Winter series tells the story of Lee, a young husband and father who has lost his job due to the Covid pandemic. His wife Alison is furloughed; they are receiving food parcels and Lee isn’t in a ‘good place’. After being challenged, he takes the chance to help himself, and meets people in even worse circumstances who lead him into new insights. The hardships of unemployment place an increasing strain on his marriage. Then, when all seems lost, Lee finds a new direction that gives him fresh hope for the future. This fictional story was inspired by meeting clients of the charity with which I volunteer, and is told in five chapters starting with It’s a Bitter Winter – Chapter 1 You could read it through the eyes of Lee’s in-laws, who are probably in their early 60’s. They’re anxious to help their family gain a foothold in life, and are feeling their pain as they go through the trials of this brave new world, trials that we baby-boomers never experienced.

An Attitude of Gratitude is another tale interweaving themes from the pandemic, inspired by my visits to the local pharmacy.

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