True stories

It’s great news if you can begin retirement without being weighed down with unresolved issues and spoilt relationships. Seventy Times Seven is based around a story from WW2, in which men who had experienced unspeakable cruelty in a concentration camp were able to forgive their captors. On a related theme, Naughtiness – Good for the Soul? starts with an actual conversation between friends and relates it to the (almost?) true story told in the film Philomena, exploring the themes of faithfulness, grace and forgiveness. What goes on behind bars tells the ‘blood and guts’ story of a prison chaplain who saw lives of embittered and broken men restored.

Life after…Life After Death explores the theme of Resurrection, told within my regretful story of how I passed up the chance to make a friendship I’d have treasured. And on a related theme, Taking the Plunge is about my experiences abseiling down a cliff, illustrating how science, faith and reason interact. And Birds of a Feather is about discrimination in all its forms, and how it has no place in the church. How quickly can you guess who the subjects are?

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