Time to Rise and Shine!

All of a sudden, my companion became glum. We’d just met each other whilst walking the same track, the far side of Bradley roundabout. He was a kindly retired man who offered a treat to Helen’s dogs. We’d been talking about the challenges of growing veg in a summer that alternated between drought and deluges.

“Have to get used to it. It’s not going to get any better, is it?” he said.

Later, as I reflected on his words, it struck me that we, the church, are going to have an increasingly important role to play in Climate Change Britain. Belatedly, Christian people have stepped up and have joined the debating and campaigning. But we are also people of hope. We believe in a saving, redeeming God who ‘makes all things new’ through Jesus Christ. Our scriptures are full of promises that our God will not abandon us in times of need. We have a gospel to proclaim to people around us, many of whom are becoming increasingly worried and fearful.

Last week I complained about being buried underneath STUFF. This week I looked at my huge backlog of emails to find out how the world around me is changing. And you know what? COP26 is coming, and there’s lots going on. Wake up, John – time to get involved! There are communities to join, films to watch, declarations to sign, podcasts to listen to, prayer vigils to attend. There are letters to write, prayer boats to make, to present to our MP.

So how can a small parish church like ours, make a difference? Well, here’s an extract from the prayer (Rev. Jon Swales) that Michelle placed in last week’s newsletter.

Forgive our foolish ways. God of Creation, God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, Empower your Church to execute justice and speak truth to power. Equip your Church to work for the healing of the nations and the flourishing of all. Enable your church to recognise its priestly calling to tend and keep.

And this week I’ll be praying for the UK church, that we may fulfil exactly this role as COP26 approaches. And for our own church, that we may play our part.

One thought on “Time to Rise and Shine!

  1. Sorry John. No idea what COP26 is.

    I’m definitely not in a ‘rise and shine place, that’s for sure.

    On a different note, I was so blessed by Helen last week. She was very open with me and was telling me how much she appreciated her mum n dad’s support. Be encouraged John. You and Jane are doing a great job, better than you think.

    X Ann


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