Debating Issues

I used to have a page called ‘Faith Matters’ that contained articles specifically about – faith. I binned it, because faith is a thread running through most of my articles. Instead, this page features articles where I allow myself to become opinionated. Whilst most of us mellow as we come towards retirement, we like to ‘sound off’ once in a while and let our views be known! My kids think it’s hilarious when I get going…

I’m passionate about Climate Change and the environment, hence Making Change Happen. In our present national emergency I have strong views about the question:- To Be or Not To Be – Vaccinated? I followed this up with an comparison of the way national emergencies were dealt with in the UK (2020 AD) and Egypt (1700 BC), in A Tale of Two Disasters.

Look out – there will be more on this page!

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