To Be or Not To Be – Vaccinated?

That is the question.

Last week I listened to a podcast by the former Chief Scientist of Pfizer UK. He argued that we, The General Public, have been deceived and subjected to serious misapprehensions about Covid-19. These repeated lockdowns that are damaging our mental health are unnecessary and counterproductive, he said. Generally, our immune systems are sufficiently well equipped to deal with Covid-19 because they already handle coronaviruses in overcoming the common cold. Non-symptomatic transmission does not, and cannot, occur. Therefore, social distancing and mask wearing are both ineffective and destructive to our ability to relate to one another.

The so-called ‘Second Wave’, he argued, is actually an illusion. We are experiencing the normal seasonal increase in hospitalisations that occur in winter, plus people who have become unnecessarily ill through conditions other than Covid – because earlier in the year we scared them off asking for treatment when it was needed. Really?

So, are those scenes of queueing ambulances that we see on the news – the grim statistic of 1,000 deaths and rising – part of a media campaign orchestrated to panic us? For governments worldwide to seize control of their population by depriving us of our liberty?


I find it impossible to believe that our Government plus the opposition have been a part of a conspiracy. The opposition and much of the media have complained that our Government has been too slow to impose lockdowns and other such measures!!

One of the linings on the cloud of this dreadful pandemic has been the inspiring story of how the science has developed. From the moment the virus was sequenced in China, teams around the world began the quest to understand the virus’ mode of transmission, to develop tests, treatments and vaccines. There’s the amazing tale of how Messenger RNA is being used in the Pfizer vaccine to transmit the instructions to make the Covid-19 spike protein, so our immune system can produce antibodies. A recent article in The Guardian by Ian Sample, The Great Project highlights the extraordinary levels of cooperation amongst leading scientists including the role played by a humble, godly man, Francis Collins, Director General of the US National Institute of Health. Scientists appreciate that whatever solutions are developed, need to be available globally and not squirrelled away by wealthy countries. It is inspiring to hear that AstraZeneca have pledged to sell their vaccine at a profit only where the receiving country can afford to pay.

The trouble with the ‘Lockdown Sceptic’ and Anti-Vax movements is that they undermine our hard work to beat Covid-19. We can’t just politely disagree with their adherents. The science tells us that Covid-19 will defeat our NHS unless we take abatement measures. The statistical modelling tells us that our hospitals will then fill to overflowing. Even more than is happening! Lockdown Scepticism is a recipe for carnage on a massive scale.

And sowing seeds of doubt about the vaccines? Our whole national effort to defeat Covid-19 relies on a high uptake of the vaccines. Their speedy development has come about because organisations have taken commercial risks and cut red tape, not by compromising on the rigour of their trials. For the story behind the Oxford vaccine, see

Early in the pandemic, we prayed earnestly for our government, for the medical scientists and for healthcare workers. I believe the astounding progress that has developed treatments and vaccines tells us that our prayers have been answered. And to get myself vaccinated will, to me, be a small step of faith in the God whom I believe cares about, and is active in, human affairs. I pray that His Kingdom will come on earth, every week, because that’s what He wants! If there’s any risk, I’m taking it, as my tiny contribution to making our world safer and overcoming this diabolical virus. So as soon as I’m called for my jab…it’ll be


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