Naughtiness – Good for the Soul?

As Claire sat listening to her friends’ patter, troubling thoughts crossed her mind. The accounts of their turbulent love lives sounded rich and juicy. Yes, some of her friends had cried on Claire’s shoulder when their marriages had fallen apart. But it seemed as if they’d become stronger, wiser people through having to rebuild theirContinue reading “Naughtiness – Good for the Soul?”

A Purpose for Living

As I surveyed the sea of people dressed in black, shedding quiet sorrowful tears, I reflected that – for me – this was the most devastating consequence of Covid-19 so far. I’d cut short my break in Keswick by a day to attend. No, he hadn’t actually caught Covid-19. My friend and ex-colleague had diedContinue reading “A Purpose for Living”

Seventy Times Seven

Most people are familiar with the film, ‘The Bridge over the River Kwai’. This tells us about the building of the infamous railway bridge going from Thailand towards Burma during the last three and a half years of World War II. The Japanese conscripted many thousands of allied POW’s and local Thai people whom theyContinue reading “Seventy Times Seven”